Categories: news
      Date: Jan 20, 2014
     Title: New Toy!
The E4D Nevo custom restoration machine is way more awesome than the Cerec and not just because we like nerdy dental tech. There are many features that directly benefit you, the patient.

It was with mixed emotions much elation that we recently parted ways with our Cerec restoration machine and upgraded to an E4D Nevo. This may sound like a bunch of dental jargon to most and well, it is, but humor us as we detail what exactly an E4D is and how you might benefit from its awesomeness.

The E4D system is comprised of a scanner that digitally maps the contours of your teeth, a computer and software that generates a three dimensional rendering of your teeth, and a milling unit that fabricates the restoration after one of our E4D specialists completes the design.

This is generally the same system involved with the Cerec, but there are specific reasons we like the E4D more...

Basically, we can get more work, done faster. Most of the restorations done with the E4D can be completed in office on the same day we map out your teeth, meaning no returning to the office or having a temporary for weeks at a time, since we don't have to outsource the work to a dental lab.

You can learn more about this amazing machine in the advanced technologies section of our website and more about the E4D in particular on their website. If you have specific questions, please feel free to call the office and speak to one of our E4D specialists.