John Raabe, DDS

Dr. John Raabe

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Dr. Raabe has been the Chief Clinician and President of Raabe Family Dentistry since 2002. He received his DDS in 1990 from the University of Colorado and received his B.S. in Perceptual Physiology in 1984. He has completed many additional hours of training in aesthetic dentistry, implants and occlusal (“bite”) therapy.

Dr. Raabe is active in giving back to the community by volunteering his skills at:

  • Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped 1989-present
  • Volunteer dentist at the Inner-city Health Clinic, Denver 1999-2006

In addition to traditional research and awards, Dr. Raabe has a particular interest in the Dental/Facial considerations of playing wind instruments, working with musicians to enhance their performance. As you’ll see below, Dr. Raabe has been a musician most of his life, playing in school as a youngster and later in a professional band.

Dentist Viewpoint:
Dr. Raabe’s clinical strengths lie in restorative dentistry: especially aesthetics, implants and correcting the way the teeth meet and function (occlusal therapy). He’s particularly interested in the comfort and convenience of his patients: because of his in-house dental lab and advances in anesthesia, he can often complete treatments on one visit with little or discomfort. Dr Raabe emphasizes whole body health – not only dental health. Located within his office is One Life Balance , a natural health center representing a broad range of disciplines to offer one, balanced health solution supporting his whole body health philosophy.

Who is Dr. Raabe away from the office?
Dr. Raabe and his wife, Kathy, have one son, Max, named after John’s Grandfather and Great Grandfather. Max is a budding actor and athlete. John enjoys biking, skiing, tennis and golf. AND… Dr. Raabe is a 5th generation Coloradan!

Dr. Raabe has been a member of Bluez House for the past 17 years, a local band where he plays trumpet and baritone sax. He has been making music since elementary school where he started in class and continued through high school expanding into jazz. He continues to enjoy performing and often plays around town – see the link to his MySpace page for upcoming venues. He’d love to see you there!

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