What makes this Child’s Dental Appointment a “Happy Visit?”

Happy Visit for ChildrenMost people who are afraid of going to the dentist have had a bad experience with a dental visit early in life. We make sure your child has a positive, fun and interesting experience when we introduce them to good dental health. After their first visit, they’re eager to come back and are more willing and able to care for their teeth at home.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child’s first dental visit should be when the first tooth comes in or by the first birthday. Although it is very unusual that small children need any dental work, it is valuable to get your child acquainted with the sights and sounds of a dental office, and to be able to get early care if developmental problems exist. Most children find our children’s play area and the treatment rooms very interesting and fun to explore.

What makes Children’s Dental Appointments a “Happy Visit?"

Although the specifics of a Happy Visit differ for each child and stage of development, here are some common features of the visits:

  • Role playing so the child can be the “dentist” with parent or staff member playing the “patient”. Most kids love trying on a mask and gloves, and looking in the mouth mirror gives them appreciation of what’s in their mouth beyond what they can see from the front.
  • Counting teeth not only helps the child’s involvement, but also opens the discussion of what can be expected in the future and the importance of good care at home. We also review the child’s schedule of development compared to developmental averages.
  • Polishing the teeth not only removes plaque and brightens teeth, but also allows children to become comfortable with the feeling of the instruments and someone working inside their mouth.
  • Fluoride treatments may be included to dramatically reduce the incidence of tooth decay
  • Demonstrating proper home care techniques to both child and parent and emphasizing the importance of the parents’ involvement in the daily oral care routine.
  • Giving children items like toothbrush, brushing timer, fun flossers and sugarless gum or candy

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: even before your child has a happy visit, never give a bottle of anything but water when the child lies down to sleep. As they get older, only allow water to drink after they’ve brushed their teeth. Having fruit juice, milk, etc. on the teeth in bed can lead to lots of LARGE CAVITIES.

ANOTHER TIP: when teaching a child to brush their teeth, always have a “system” i.e. start in the same place each time and progress through the mouth so that every surface of each tooth is brushed.

Make sure your child has a friendly and informative introduction to dentistry by scheduling a Happy Visit. Contact Raabe Family Dentistry for more information or call 303-320-0160.

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