Our clinical & administrative staff at Raabe Dentistry is committed to the highest level of patient care and customer service that exceeds expectations.

Our Family

Dr. John Raabe, Kathy and Max

John Raabe, DDS

Dr. Raabe has been the Chief Clinician and President of Raabe Family Dentistry since 2002.

Chris Harvan, DMD, MBA

Dr. Harvan joined Raabe Family Dentistry in 2008 bringing a mix of private practice and academic experience to our group.

Clinical & Administrative Staff

Our staff is well-trained, experienced and caring. We strive to provide a "whole health" and wellness approach to your dental care and welcome you to our family of patients.

Raabe Dentistry History

From the silver mining boom town of Leadville, Colorado to their current location in Denver, Raabe Family Dentistry has 3 generations of experience.

Raabe Family Dentistry, 155 Cook St. Suite 351, Denver, CO 80206 (303) 320-0160 Smiles@DenDDS.com