Community Involvement

denver destist, community involvementJohn Raabe, DDS (and his family legacy of dentists for the past 3 generations) has been actively volunteering with the indigent, handicapped and senior citizen populations in need for decades. John also volunteers as a faculty member at the CU Dental School where he supervises student in the clinics.

Work with the Indigent

From time to time, John or one of his staff will encounter someone with dental needs who doesn’t have insurance or resources to take care of their issues. John is willing to assist when he can and bring about a change in people’s lives --  here is a recent example:

John happened upon a saxophone player on the 16th Street Mall in Denver. This man had only a few teeth and some were hanging loose. John is a musician himself (a member of a band called of Bluez House for the past 17 years , where he plays trumpet and baritone sax) and is particularly interested in the dental and facial issues of playing wind instruments. He was able to provide the dental implants and care he needed which allowed him to get playing jobs and get off the streets.

National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

As far back as the 1970’s, John’s father, also a dentist, became involved with providing dental care with the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped.

NFDH has provided some $181 million in dental care to patients in all 50 states since it was founded more than 35 years ago. Its Donated Dental Services program—celebrating its 25th anniversary this year—coordinates the services of thousands of volunteer dentists and laboratories nationwide to provide comprehensive dental care to vulnerable patients in need of dental care.

Victims of Domestic Violence

Back in 2002, John was volunteering at Safe House, Denver where he would donate time reading to the children there.  He noticed several shelter women needed dental care due to injuries and missing teeth. He invited them to the office for cost-free dental care and was able to make a difference in their lives and futures.  He was helping them to help themselves and enhancing their ability to get a job by improving their appearance.
As a result, a new program called “Smile Again” was born through the Metro Denver Dental Society (MDDS). “Smile Again Program is a community service project of Metropolitan Denver Dental Society member dentists that offers cost-free dental care to qualifying disadvantaged survivors of domestic violence in Denver in an effort to restore oral health and assist in recovery. Over $900,000 in dental care has been donated by volunteer dentists and specialists to those who have suffered dental trauma and neglect as a result of domestic violence.“ – excerpted from the MDDF Website

Global Dental Relief

John ventured to Vietnam in 2010 for his first trip with Global Dental Relief where he treated 700 children in 10 days. Volunteer dentists pay their own travel expenses and provide any special equipment needed. Supplies are solicited and donated to the cause.

“Global Dental Relief brings free dental care to impoverished children of Nepal, northern India, Vietnam and Guatemala in partnership with local organizations.  Volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants and non-medical volunteers deliver treatment and preventive care in dental clinics that serve children in schools, orphanages and remote villages.” – excerpted from the GDR Website

Senior Citizens in Need

John and his father opened a clinic at the CU Dental School when the family practice turned 100 years old back in 2007. What began as a fundraising party resulted in the opening of “Generations Clinic” that see indigent Senior Citizens.  Raabe Family Dentistry continues to fund and work at the clinic today.

Veterans Services

John the Honorary Bugler for the National Foundation of the 10th Mountain Division.  He volunteers primarily to play taps at Memorial Services related to the organization and its veterans.

Mentor for At-Risk Youth

Dr. Raabe has been serving as a mentor for at-risk youth since 1997 through programs such as Denver Kids, Colorado Youth at Risk and Manual High School. Our practice also has a policy of providing free dental care to children mentored by our patients. We’re happy to be mentors as well as support volunteers who also provide this service. We encourage mentoring by providing care to a group of children that may not otherwise be able to get care.

Raabe Family Dentistry is committed bringing dental care to
community programs and volunteering time and materials to those in need.

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