Our History and Legacy

denver dentist officeHistory & Mission of the Raabe Family Legacy

Raabe Family Dentistry has been serving families in Colorado since 1907 when John Raabe’s grandfather, Max M. Raabe, started his practice in the mining boomtown of Leadville, relocating to Denver, CO in 1922. John’s father, Max H. Raabe, joined the business after practicing in the Army’s 10th Mountain Division during World War II.  His Army dental office existed on the back of mule!

TODAY: New technologies mean we can find and treat conditions earlier and with better results.

Comprehensive Exams, Latest Technology & Convenience

Our practice offers a comprehensive exam on your first visit using the latest technology.  Our investment in these technologies means better care, fewer visits to complete treatment and more savings for you. A recent new technology called a Velscope, allows us to find early signs of oral cancer that is often not detectable until quite advanced in the mouth.  We also offer laser early decay detection as well as a full-service natural healthcare facility on-site.

We offer:

  • Digital x-rays we can review with you instantly
  • Evaluation of current fillings and other dental work
  • Laser detection of possible decay while it’s still very small
  • Dental lab on site for your convenience
  • One-visit smile makeovers

We are committed to our patients’ well-being and health

  • We will educate our clients about all aspects of dental health for life, personalized to each person’s needs and desires.
  • We will maintain the most welcoming environment possible.
  • We demand results no less than we would for our own families.
  • We are concerned first and foremost about the health and well-being of our clients.

We provide you and your family with a complete “whole health” approach. We know that oral health has a direct relationship with your general health and can improve the quality of your life. Our commitment to that goal can be found at One Life Balance where we offer answers to patients looking for real wellness and a better quality of life.

Call 303-355-1234 or Contact Raabe Family Dentistry and take advantage of the latest dental technology for your comfort and convenience.

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