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Dear Dr. Raabe and staff,

You all have been such a pleasure with taking care of my dental needs. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your patients. You make a big difference and are all so positive and caring! Thanks for going the extra mile for me. You guys rock!

- Sheila B


Hi John! Thanks so much for the teeth whitening – they look great and I got many compliments!! Thanks also for the card from your office – that was so wonderful. Thanks again for everything! Hello to Kathy and Max! Thanks.

- Casey I


I have been going to Raabe Family Dentistry since 1968 when I was seven years old. I wasn't afraid to go to Dr. Max because he was always kind and fun. Many years after I had my wisdom teeth removed, he gave one back to me that he claimed he had saved because it had been one of the longest ever. (I'm not sure if he was pulling my leg or trying to clean out his office closets.) Even when I lived out of state, I would come back for dentist appointments. My mother and brothers still go to them and now, so do my husband and son.  Now, Dr. John Raabe always explains what he is doing as he does it and checks in with me to make sure I am not in pain or the bite feels right. I think what I appreciate most about Dr. Raabe is he always, in his calm, caring way, gives me options about how we can approach everything from a root canal to teeth grinding. The rest of the staff, too, takes this approach. Then I feel like I am in control of making my own decisions about my dental health. Thanks, Raabe Family Dentistry, for keeping my teeth healthy these last 42 years!

- Sarah P


We moved to Denver form Kansas for my husband, Royce, to join the law firm of Grant, Shafroth & Toll in 1956. About the first week he came home and said, “I have been told I should join the University Club and join the lawyers for lunch, go to the University of Denver hockey games and go to Max Raabe for dentistry. So for the next 40 plus years we did exactly that. Max, his cute little father and I spent many hours discussing our children until all of a sudden “little” John was graduating from the University of Michigan and a big sign on the wall “months until John comes into our practice.” It was a big day when he arrived! Meanwhile Royce died, Max recently died and the torch was passed onto John. The University Club and DU Hockey been things of the past, but John, in 2010, has 3 generations of the Sickler family every 6 months.

-  Ellin Sickler


Hi Brenda!

Kids enjoyed the cards – thanks! Not many people can say they are friends with their dentist and staff! Hugs and see you soon!

- Tom S


Dr. Raabe,

Thank you for taking such good care of my family and I. We feel very fortunate to be your patients. Both you and your staff are wonderful!

- Kelly L


Dear Friends,

You all create such a caring atmosphere at your place! And to top it off, a delightful birthday card!

- Jane


I’ve got to say that Dr. Raabe gives “great” shots! He makes going to the dentist SO much more bearable and that’s coming from someone who absolutely HATES going to the dentist! I’m starting to be a little less fearful about dental work, thanks to Dr. R!

- Carol S


Dr. Raabe,

Thank you for all the time and caring that has gone into creating the Generations Clinic and its supporting fund. I hope that others will follow your philanthropic leadership and create a new vision for the [University of Colorado] School of Dental Medicine and its patients. Thank you.

- Field G.


Dr. Raabe,

Janet and I would like to thank you for taking such exceptional care of us and our family. Your professionalism and kindness are phenomenal. It is truly a pleasure to have such a caring and talented person care for us.

- Jim S


Dear Dr. Raabe,

Thank you so much for your help and determining that my tooth (filling) was still good for another year or so! That was such a great surprise! Terrific to finally meet you and your great staff. I’m sure I’ll see you all again!    

- Robin B



I can’t thank you enough for your persistent efforts to get MetLife to pay their share of my bill! I really appreciate your time and trouble with that.

- Sally



Thank you for spending the time last night to fix my tooth. It hasn’t hurt all day. Your skills are great. Thank you.    



Dear Dr. Raabe,

Thank you for my gorgeous teeth! My teeth radiate every time I smile – thanks to you! I really appreciate you spending the time and giving me such a great deal on the procedure! Also, I had a wonderful time at the dentistry benefit. It was so nice to spend time with the Raabe family! Again, thank you for everything.

- Kelly H


Dear Dr. Raabe,

Thank you for fixing my teeth.

- David


Dear Friends,

My sincere appreciation to all of you for creating an atmosphere and environment that does not feel like “a dental office.” Those were scary days! Dental care is so important and I am most grateful for the understanding care that I receive. Please keep the Raabe tradition alive!

- Jane


Dr. Raabe,

Have you ever seen “As Good As It Gets” the movie where Helen Hunt writes a 30 page thank you letter to Jack Nicholson thanking him for everything he has done for her and how it changed her? Well I thought I would save you time by just saying thanks thanks thanks and you are the best!!

- Teresa Z


Dr. Raabe,

I’d like to express my gratitude for seeing and treating me while I was in town. The teeth cleaning I received from Margo was the best I’ve ever had. As a result of your treatment to my tooth, it’s no longer sensitive to cold. What a relief! Thank you again.

- Beverly M


Dear Dr. Raabe and staff,

You have all been such a pleasure with taking care of my dental needs. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your patients. You make a big difference and are all so positive and caring! Thanks for going the extra mile for me. You guys rock!

- Sheila B


Dear John,

Thank you for continuing to be such a great dentist. It is so nice to be able to go to such a nice office with such trust of good care. You know how to hire and maintain such a great staff. Quite an accomplishment in this day and age of transition.

- Cindy & Bob


Dear John, Brenda and colleagues,

I’m sure not many people tell their dentists and coworkers that meeting you was a real pleasure. You guys make me enjoy my dentist visit! I wish you a very happy Christmas, although I know I don’t have to because Anita certainly will take care of it (many laughs)! Have a wonderful Christmas.

- Frank E


Dear Dr. Raabe,

Thank you so much for your work on Turumbil’s teeth. He feels so much better. I couldn’t stand seeing him in pain and for the Africans it is just part of life. When I told his mother I was taking him to the dentist she said, “Every day he crying crying crying. He no eat every day,” - like it is just normal. He needs so much. Thank you again for your help.

- Lela E



As always, the dentistry treatment this week was great. You have a good, professional, and pleasant team. Thank you!

- Hakan

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